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Motion Reel


I drew inspiration from Edward Hopper's notable works to craft a visually flat and solitary ambiance, aiming to convey the quietude and solitude of individuals within a home.

Role: Art Director

Director of Photography: Hyeonwook Park
Cast: Jinyoung Kwon, Minjoon Lee



Wetax is a comprehensive tax system that can be conveniently used online.


I created motion graphics that introduce new features of mobile and online services.

By Miles Lab

Role: Motion Designer


Typojanchi is an international design event with typography as its theme. The concept of the 2017 Biennale is ‘a body that longs for letters but cannot touch them due to God’s curse.’

By Rebel9

Role: Motion Designer


Doongle is a community app where you can meet people from different countries. I participated in changing the UI/UX and created motion graphics that compared the old UI to the new UI and highlighted a better experience.

By Miles Lab

Role: Motion Designer

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