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In The Cave 동굴에서

Medium: Video

Plato thought our world is copied world. He described our world as a cave to illustrate that the original world is out there. We see the shadows and believe it is the truth and the whole world. Nowadays, We live in a virtual world full of illusions. Is it REAL what you see on TV shows, News, Dramas, Films, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook? What do you know is really true?

You can see an AI-drawn cave painting and a dancer in the video. The dancer is not a human but a dummy and all the surfaces surrounding him are cave paintings. Although Dummy may resemble a human, it cannot become an original. Could you quickly spot that this isn't human? Are cave paintings actual? At least in this cave, it seems the truth and all you can see. But it is covering something that lies beyond it. The dancer gradually fades and becomes a shadow itself and then disappears. What has been making you addicted all this time? Why so serious?

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