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Human Body: Center of the world?

Medium: Video, Installation

Renaissance artists believed that humans were the center of the world. Da Vinci experimented with the old idea of ​​mathematically measuring the human body from a geometric point of view. Da Vinci measured the actual body for this painting and said that center of the human body is the navel.
Da Vinci saw the human as a microcosm of the universe. He thought that the proportions of all the universe began with the proportions of the human body. He strived to find patterns of this universe.
This painting is a classic example of how human-based art is converged with science. How about now? We still seem to believe that humans are the center of the world. Artificial intelligence that resembles humans is still advancing more and more. All technologies, systems, rules are human-friendly, and we use them for ourselves.
So, for this piece, I used Photoshop's Content-Aware feature. If you leave only a part of the picture and erase the rest, the computer calculates and fills the space. Therefore, this work was not done by me but by my laptop. My laptop also seems to agree with Da Vinci's idea. It made its pattern, and there are specific rules for drawing.

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